I needed to add a metronome while re-recording a guitar part and I just can't handle the obnoxious one in Reaper.

So I set to just adding my own using a MIDI kick from my kit. I didn't just make a loop because this will eventually become part of the
drum part. Somewhere along the line, about halfway through, I jumped a beat and didn't notice that from there to the end was off one
beat - until I went to track the guitar. Then it sounded like the computer stuttered and my first thought was I was having a buffering
problem and where the hell was that?

Before assuming the worst, I scrolled through and found the offending point and I couldn't remember how to select all the notes to
the right of the point so I could slide them back all at the same time. I could select the lot clicking each note one at a time until
I got to the end but that would take forever. I knew I used to know how to "lasso" multiple events so I could drag all at once.

Aha! I thought.. I pulled out Kenny's Reaper video and lo and behold he showed me how to do it... again. I must have tried every mouse
and key combination there is - except the correct one. That's always the case, isn't it. Things are always in the last place you look

Here's the video : REAPER | Videos