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+ Action: insert multiple tracks
+ API: added functions: AddProjectMarker, DeleteProjectMarker
+ Automation: new volume/pan envelopes display the current track fader value
+ Crossfades: fixed auto-crossfade when control+drag copying items
+ FLAC: fixed multichannel read support
+ FX chains: automatically increase track channel count when loading FX chains that use more channels
+ Glue: special fade handling when gluing multiple items starting or ending at the same time
+ Mixer: consistent scroll behavior regardless of number of tracks, autoscroll to newly added tracks
+ Master: no reset of master mono/stereo setting after automatically muting on overload
+ Media items: button to display item properties, by default shown only when the item is resampled
+ Media explorer: configurable default-handling of project files, better context menus
+ Media explorer: filter fixes
+ Menus: most commonly used menus can be customized (add/remove actions, submenus, rename menu items)
+ Menus: menu customizations can be imported/exported to file
+ MIDI editor: user preference to flash keyboard notes on track input note-on
+ MIDI editor: setting to snap note ends to grid when snap enabled
+ MIDI editor: fixed snapping bug when following project beats and grid is 1/4 note triplets
+ MIDI editor: better keyboard handling in text fields
+ Mousewheel: fixed control+mousewheel for fine slider moves in parameter modulation and send windows
+ Mute/solo: setting via right-click follows selection/grouping unless overridden with shift key
+ OSX: preliminary media explorer
+ OSX: fixes for file browse dialog with certain paths
+ OSX: vast keyboard system fixes and improvements
+ OSX: fixed main window actions working in undocked transports
+ OSX: disk reading does not use F_NOCACHE on remote filesystems
+ OSX: virtual MIDI keyboard fixes
+ OSX: fixes to mixer autoscrolling
+ OSX: midi list editor supports in-list editing
+ OSX: fixed visual glitch with docker
+ Peak building: optimizations (50-150% faster on .wav files in our tests)
+ Peaks: when using alternate peak path, put peaks in numbered subdirectories for better performance
+ Peaks: low quality preview peaks during building are now are more consistent with finished peaks
+ Peaks: aborted peak generation removes partial (invalid) peak files
+ Project load: replacing files with different types will scan for the same file type for other missing files
+ Project/template load: current working directory defaults to project/template path
+ ReaScript: added GetTrackState, expanded html help, set undo point after script executes
+ ReaScript: capture Python compile-time and run-time error messages for display
+ ReaScript: fixed get/set of integer-type track, item, or take parameters
+ Take names: automatically focus take name field when displaying item properties
+ TCP: Drag and drop routing now autoscrolls
+ TCP/Mixer: autoscroll to tracks selected via action or control surface
+ Track icons: optionally set all tracks to the same width when any track icons are used
+ Undo system: greatly reduced memory use when loading undo history from file
+ VST: fix for bridged/firewalled plug-ins with track controls visible
+ VST: added MIDI output mode to merge output with input (for groove players, arpeggiators, etc)
+ VST extensions: support for effString2Parameter (mostly for readable manual editing of envelope points)
+ VST MIDI: fixed hanging note bug from synthedit and possibly other plugins that generate MIDI
+ Windows: drag and drop of files out of REAPER now better supports unicode characters
+ Windows: try to prevent bad plugins from quitting REAPER
+ x64: ReWire support (master/mixer only)