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Thread: Reaper with UR824 interface

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    Reaper with UR824 interface

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    I have Reaper ver 6.13 installed with a UR824 interface. I have the interface assigned in Reaper and in a session can assign the inputs and outputs on the interface. The UR824 has a program called DSPMixFx that is used to change settings on the interface. This program seems to be over riding Reaper. For example I can connect a mic to one of the inputs and it works as far as running through the interface, I get signal from the interface to my monitors, the issue is Even though I can see the interface and all the inputs/outputs in Reaper I cannot get Reaper to manage the interface. I have tried uninstalling the DSP program with no results, The interface works the same way without Reaper open as it does with it open.

    This is the DSP GUI and the interface settings in Reaper

    Interface screenshot.PNGUR824 DSP.PNG


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    Hi, I don't know the interface but in Reaper prefs does it make a difference if you change the input selection in the Last box to be the same as the first; Analog instead of ADAT?. So it would read First in; Analog 1, Last in; Analog 8.

    Also, have you clicked the ASIO Configuration box?

    And what happens when you open a track in Reaper & select input that your mic is plugged into & press the record enable button, does it pick up the mic then?

    Just shooting in the dark?.

    Have you seen this video;REAPER | Videos

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    What do you mean by
    I cannot get Reaper to manage the interface
    ? That is not a feature of Reaper - you will not be able to adjust the interface's DSP from Reaper, only from the interface's software.
    As mentioned above, are you opening and arming a track in Reaper to record?
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