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Thread: Reaper superior drummer set up

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    Reaper superior drummer set up

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    I have reaper 4 and superior drummer two. on Win 7 64. I have tried every way i can find to set up with each drum on a different track. I can only think that I have a routing problem in reaper. I am attaching a screen set. It shows that I have track one as Superior drummer. it is the mother track. All the other tracks are showing midi activity when i try to over dub. but I can only record and playback on track 1.

    I have the mixer in Superior drummer set for multi channel. Everything is working as it ought to.

    Please help,
    Thank you,
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    Hi angster, I just had some help here with this very same problem and it worked. Check the #8 post in the thread below.

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    If you're trying to record the drums from midi to audio, you need to ARM all the tracks and disARM track one. You also need to set the record option on each track to record output.

    From what you said I'm guessing that is what you're trying to do. If not, you could rephrase what you want to achieve
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