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Thread: Reaper starter questions.

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    Reaper starter questions.

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    I've just downloaded reaper and I'm stuck on a few things.
    Up till now I've been using Garageband and I love the built in sounds for Garageband and their simplicity (I know they're not great but for what I want they're perfect). Is their a way I can use the sounds from Garageband in Reaper? I've been using Soundflower but with that their's no way of syncing them up if you know what I mean.
    The thing is I've found that Garageband is getting a bit simple for what I want, I want a more sophisticated DAW and have read that Reaper is good. In the long run I will probably purchase Reason but for now I would like to use garageband in a similar way that reason is used with rewire if its possible?
    Also is their a way of syncing sibelius and Reaper in anyway?
    Are their any built in sounds in Reaper?
    And my final question I have is what does Reamote do?

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    Reamote is used to access an F/X chain/VST on a different computer on your network.

    Not sure about running GB in synch with Reaper. You could record your track/sound in GB, then save it as a WAV, AIFF, etc, then import it into Reaper. Reaper does not have any built-in sounds, but it will record MIDI info to access an external/internal sound generator.
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