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Thread: Reaper EQ Preset Templates????

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    Reaper EQ Preset Templates????

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    I use Reaper as my DAW and I have 8 sets of headphones.......don't ask. Anyway.....I use my JBL's for near fields but I use a couple of headphones for detail work. Over the years I've learned how to EQ each headphone to adjust for the "flaws" in their frequency playback....and I use Reapers 12 Band EQ on the master track to adjust for whatever can I'm listening with. I know there's a solution from Sonarworks that does a similar thing......but I'm good with my process for now.

    I might be missing the obvious........but is there some way to set and keep / name Reaper EQ templates ?
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    You should be able to save it as a Preset, and give a name. If you're using ReaEQ, Hit the + button next to the Parameter button, hit Save and name it for your headphone or speaker.

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    Open up ReaEQ

    Adjust the EQ settings to what you want

    Click on where it says "no preset" and type in the name you want.

    Then go to the left and click on the "+", then click on "save preset".

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