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Thread: compressing MIDI velocities

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    compressing MIDI velocities

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    Is there a way to compress MIDI velocities either as you're inputting with a MIDI keyboard or rendering a new take with compressed velocities? I've tried using JS_MIDI_Vel_Ranger, but it doesn't seem to do anything when I add it as an effect on a track.

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    You sound like you have a midi track where the notes are of widely varying velocities, right?

    Try this.

    1 In Reaper, open the track up in the midi editor (double click o the track)

    2 Use your mouse wheel (rotate towards you) to bring the whole track into the window (i.e. zooming out)

    3 Look in the bottom left hand corner of the midi editor window. There is a drop down box, which may have 'velocity' already there, but it may have some other midi command.

    4 From the drop down box, select 'velocity' (if it's not already selected)

    5 The bars you see below the piano roll represent the velocities for all the notes. They will be of varying heights. Drag your mouse across these at the velocity you'd like them to be.

    6 This will even them all up. You can also use this to develop crescendos and diminuendos.

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