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While I have never used Autotune in Reaper, I know that pitch correction can be adjusted to have a PROFOUND effect on the sound of a track. I record a one-man quartet; and on one hymn I did a few months ago, I set my pitch correction to its maximum value. The result was very solid tuning of all four parts - a sound unlike anything I have heard before! In some ways, I like the sound; yet I know that it would be rather extreme if I were to use pitch correction set that tightly on all of my quartet recordings. Still, I admire that performance as in a way the epitome of one of my goals of the quartet which I call "Crystal Control." That particular aspect of what I am after is to create a vocal tone as if the pitches were controlled or keyed from an electronic keyboard. My college voice teacher would run me out of town if she heard that performance, and I would agree that I wouldn't want that on many of the songs I record; but at times I like it. Yes, I have no doubt that a good pitch-correction routine can DEFINITELY make a difference between the corrected and uncorrected sound. In the extreme maximum settting, a singer with even a moderately wide vibrato might produce something which could sound something like a trill. I suspect that you will notice a difference if you find the settings needed to get it. Of course, if you happen to sing with a very straight tone as I do and you sing extremely well in tune, maybe the pitch correction doesn't need to do much to your voice. The phase difference you notice might be occurring due to a slight time delay introduced by the correction function.
Agreed. I never once have used pitch correction software algorithms to decide what the track needs.

Always a line by line human decision. No software will 'fix' anything.

In the case of Melodyne full version, there are so many variables that can be used to help polish a track. 5 years of myself knowing the tools and how to use them, and it still sometimes can be a challenge.

I hear there is a basic version of Melodyne with Studio one? That is not the same as the full version. The full version can adjust a single guitar note in a chord. I have used it to take an accidental open 'A' in a live acoustic recording.

It does take some experience to make it work well, but there is always a compromise.

Anyway, I hope to help... My post may or not be helpful for this situation. Just giving my insight.