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Thread: overdub?

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    What's the difference between the two definitions of overdubbing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dobro View Post
    What's the difference between the two definitions of overdubbing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Guitars In Sync View Post

    Incidentally, when folks nowadays add a track to a multi-track recording, they say they "overdubbed" it. This is not correct. "Over" means "on top of". There is no overdubbing in a multi-track recording.
    Well, to begin with I was addressing the above statement, because it seems the thread in general was getting confused about what we call overdubbing. When you quoted wiki that was just fine, but I added "As a side note" not to trust wiki as a definitive source, even though it's often correct.

    There are many kinds of dubbing. Multitrack overdubbing is what we're looking for here and how most understand it. But there is/was sound-on-sound overdubbing and layered overdubbing (What Les Paul was doing in the beginning). For decades now, well since I've been in the industry (1978) the terms overdubbing and multitracking have been synonymous. And of course is a hip way of saying doubling, which is where the tern dub comes from.

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