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Thread: NOISE w/ a lexicon core2

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    I've been fooling around with cep, a friend gave me a copy, and i like it. since i allready had mixers and microphones that ive been using for other applications for years(other as in not a computer based recording setup). being that i had all this stuff, and this program, i decided somewhat impulsively to buy a soundcard that i could use to do some basic home recording, although less basic to using my four track. After not looking into it too much, i bought a lexicon card because i wasnt looking for anything exceptional. I got the core two only because it had the most ins and outs for the money, oh yeah i got it for 170 bucks american after i chewed down the sales person. the problem i have is that when i monitor my sound using the lexicon control panel its fine however when i record there is alot of crackling and poping of some sort. any input

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    try recording on a different program... a n-tracks demo or the windows recorder... and see if it does the same thing..


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