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Thread: N-track vs Cooledit for my PC config

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    Apologies for crossposting this, but I'm also checking opinions of mostly Cooledit users (like myself). I've been doing a little research in n-track and it seems to have all the features I'd ever use in SawPro (and easier to wrok with), how does it compare to Cooledit Pro (for multitrack) in ease of use/stability? Cooledit has been horribly buggy and crashed my win98 PC so many times I call it "crashedit" and finally yesterday playing a ten track mix it crashed permanently.. The system registry was corrupted and it won't even boot in safe mode.. ANYWAY! I have a K6-2 333MHz w/ 128Mb and I'm wondering how stable n-track will be w/ it once I reinstall 95(sr2) or NT. Is it true that in NT no directX plugins will work?

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    Dunno bout n-Track, but Cool Edit doesn't crash my system - the worst it does is hang up temporarily when I try to record sometimes, and since that problem eases off every time I defragment, I know it's got more to do with my computer than the software. People keep telling me to reinstall Windows 98 and get a bigger computer, but I'm lazy and cheap, so I put up with the small glitches that are easy to deal with.

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