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Thread: My MBox 2 device is not showing up in Adobe Audition - What do I do?!

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    My MBox 2 device is not showing up in Adobe Audition - What do I do?!

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    Hi! I'm a newbie with sound stuff and my MBox 2 device is not showing up in Adobe Audition. I'm on a Mac, Yosemite 10.10. I go to Preferences > Audio Hardware > Default Input and the only thing available is "Built-In Microphone." I have my MBox 2 device connected with a USB and it's not showing up. I need help! What do I do?! Thanks.
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    If you OS isn't recognising it you have to sort that out before you get to Audition.

    I'm not a Mac expert but the first two things to do are:

    -(the obvious) try a different cable in case the one you have is faulty

    -install the MBox driver as available HERE.
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