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Thread: how to detect or separate vocal parts from musical part , like autocue ?

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    Question how to detect or separate vocal parts from musical part , like autocue ?

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    i have a huge quantity of recording sounds (more than 100 hours).

    Each track contain musics with discussion and dialogs between.
    i need to cut the sound and delete all the vocal/dialog/speaking parts of each soundtrack.

    how can i do that ?

    i do not to unmix the vocal from the music, i only want to only keep part of the soundtrack that contains only musical part.

    is there a technic, filter or thing to do that auto ?
    at last i could use a silent detection, but there are a lot of part with no silence at all like the music begins during the dialog. i wish put a mark, a cue point between this dialog parts.

    maybe there is a special software which can do that better than adobe ?

    thanks for your help and advice.

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    The only way to do it well is to manually cut out the parts you don't want. Once you figure out how to do it, it will be a very quick process.
    Jay Walsh
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