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Thread: Copytrack recording

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    I want to use an external reverb unit to add reverb to tracks already recorded in CEP. How do I do it?

    I've got four tracks in the session, say. I want to record each of those four tracks (maybe one at a time, maybe all together) to four new tracks in the same session but with the effect added. (Then I'll dump the original uneffected tracks later.) Does that make sense? If so, how do I get CEP to do it? Talk nicely to it? Offer bribes?

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    Well, I know absolutly nothing about Cool Edit. This is one way I think it would be done, on pretty much any multitracker.

    Send one of the guitar tracks out from your sound card, into the reverb unit. Take the output (or outputs if you want stereo verb) of the reverb unit back into an input(s) on the soundcard. Arm a new track for recording. Record the effected signal.

    Repeat this for all four tracks - you could do them all at once, but I'm not sure if you want to use the same reverb setting.

    I don't know what your routing options are with your sound card. You could also mute whatever tracks you don't want sent to the reverb unit, and use your main outs from your sound card into the verb, and then back again.

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