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Thread: Cool Edit Pro Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisharris View Post
    Yeah its the best - as a DAW. For audio editing most of us try and use Audacity however, if you can get your hands on copy of CEP you'll find its a much better audio editor. Audacity can't come near its noise reduction algorithm.

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    Beck Guest
    CEP is a great program, as is Adobe Audition who bought Cool Edit Pro from Syntrillium. I still have CEP 1.2A, 2.0 and AA 1, 1.5 and 2.0. I have AA 3 as well, but IMO version 2.0 from Adobe is the sweet spot. When Adobe got a hold of CEP they did what they do with everything... turn it into a huge, buggy, slow piece of crap.

    If you have a perfectly operating DAW program, don't say goodbye to it just because it's not compatible with a new OS. F-ck Windows 7, 8, blah blah blah. You should have a dedicated machine for music recording. Keep an older machine around with XP SP2 (Not SP3) and if it ain't broke don't fix it. I can still run CEP 1.2 and for most of what I do that's all it takes. It's fast and light, and gets the job done and then some.

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