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Thread: CEP Has Performed an Illegal Operation

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    Glad to see a dedicated CEP forum!

    Just ordered a bunch of RAM hoping that the strange "illegal operation" messages will go away. When playing back 6 tracks and while recording the 7th, the mystery message would appear and close the whole program...somewhat frustrating!

    I was able to turn off playback on a track or two so I could get the solo recorded, but this was unacceptable in the long term.

    Do you think going from 64MB to 192MB will do the trick? Or could I be limited by other factors? Please don't tell me Win98 sucks because I already know that one.

    System in a nutshell (built by a friend before I knew what I was doing):
    AMD K6-2 400MHz
    Soyo mobo
    64MB PC100 SDRAM (getting 128MB more)
    8GB HD ? Manufacturer ?
    Old SB16 with wavetable daughter card (ISA)
    Voodoo3 3000 AGP
    HP 8250i CD-RW

    Thanks for any feedback and/or sympathy. I'm new to this but having a blast!

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    hi roblap, welcome aboard.

    I've had a different, but related, problem (see topic below - 'false starts'. I've been all over the place asking people for answers and solutions (syntrillium say it isn't CEP), and the best suggestions I've had so far is that my system's too small to handle everything. I'm really interested to hear what happens after you load the new RAM. Keep in touch!

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