(this is cross-posted under computer recording) i am going to do some experimenting with multitracking on my computer to see if that is the way i want to go in the future. i have played with the demo versions of cakewalk pro 8, and home studio 8. now i see version 9 is out there. on ebay, i can get older versions, like pro 7 and homestudio 7, for cheap. i only plan to use the software to record straight, dry tracks, no eq, no effects, nothing fancy - then will mix through a mackie to add reverb, compression, to make a final mix on DAT (btw, can a mastering studio accept a mix on hi-fi vcr instead of DAT?). anyway, is there a significant difference between the cakewalk softare versions? should i avoid the older versions? what would pro offer me that i wont get on homestudio? thanks