Hi there. I just got an Aark 24 sound card. I am trying to decide on a software package to get. Cakewalk seems interesting. I know Cakewalk has a lot of midi capabilities. I am not doing any midi right now. I may or may not in the future. I don't know a lot about it to tell you the truth. I know my card does have a midi port though. I am just wanting to record typical band instruments right now. If I buy cakewalk, am I paying for a lot of stuff that I don't need? Would it be better for me to get another package that does not have any midi capabilities but has other features, or will Cakewalk have everything I would need plus midi? I do want to eventually combine video with music, and from what I have read, it seems like Cakewalk is good for that. Any input would help. Thanks, Hoopy