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Thread: Session Drummer 3

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    Is this mix any better? (same link)

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    SD3 is ok up to a point, but it doesn't have the in depth tweakable parameters that something like BFD has.

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    There are better virtual drum kits that sound better than SD3, but regardless of the sounds, the technique of generating good drum tracks takes a while to master using soft synths

    A good drum pad helps big time, USB type works better than keyboard

    The trick to get solid sounding drum beats is to get a count on your foundation track , bass or rhythm guitar, set the metronome to match that count, this sometimes takes trail and error.

    In Sonar, turn on the snap grid, snap module found in your control bar, select the midi option found on the bottom corner, the amount of snap is determined by the measure, 1/4 1/8 notes.

    Velocity of your drums are important, the pads should be adjusted or edit later.

    Of course real drums are always the best, sometimes I use the real drummers time transients to trigger the soft synths, especially if the mikikig sucked as well as the kit sound

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