I am rebuilding a home studio and looking to record to Hard Disk and I had a couple questions on the planned configuration.
Analog Inputs --> 20x4x2 Mixer
4 aux outs --> Lexcion Core2(which has 4 HiZ ins and 8 HiZ outs) --> PC
(* 8 outs/2 RCA --> back to board for monitoring *)
My first question is will these work together like I am thinking they will? i.e. - Will Cakewalk PA9.0 have a problem with the 4 simultaneous inputs and the 8 simultaneous outputs plus the pair of RCA mains or will it support that configuration as 8 subs and 2 mains(like a 96?x8x2 mixer in the computer)?
I know it is limited because there's only 4 simultaneous analog inputs, but if there is a need I can expand to the Core32 system(with as many as 24 I think) but at least I can do the 4 sub outs on the mixer should I ever do any live type recording, but will mostly use it for recording/tracking and thought that the 4 inputs would provide me with enough as I can do mutiple recorded tracks for each instrument(e.g. - dry/Left/Right/wet) and then not have to bounce them all around like I did with a standard tape 4-8 track recorder giving me the freedom to control the levels independently when more tracks are added.
Question 2 I just came up with from reading the stuff on the board because I use Ensoniq keyboards for drum tracking/demoing and general songwriting type sequencing(sometimes as a reference to play against and then replace with a 'live' part) so should I be sending MIDI into the computer via the cheap soundcard that is in there already(thinking of junking it when the Lexicon comes into play), send just one master sync signal track and back through one of the outputs, or just keep it all as analog in and record a "scratch track"(reference instruments that will be replaced and not heard in the final mix)?
Like I said, I am not an 'all MIDI' kind of guy so if there is going to be that much problem with sync between the souncard(orig) and the Lexicon unit its no big deal to live without it. Anyway, I would appreciate any advice/reccommendations from anyone with experience using these together. Thanks in advance, MrScotti
P.S. - Computer configuration isn't much problem as I have a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and no, I can't beam you up ;-) There's no intelligent life here Jim, trust me.