Hi all,

Thanks to all you folks who tried to help me figure out a problem I'd been having. As it turns out, the solution was perfectly sensible, but evaded me for months nonetheless.

To recount the problem, I was recording a drum track from my Yamaha PSR 540 keyboard onto Cakewalk Homestudio, using an SB Live! Platinum sound card. One particular percussion voice which I could not reproduce out of the ports of my sound card was "snare roll". One solution would have been to purchase a Yamaha sound card. For a bit less money and more value, however, I chose to download the soft synthesizers from Yamaha.

Last night I downloaded one of the synths. Once done, I was too tired to fool with anything which might require a properly functioning brain. So, I went to bed, sure that I had noch einmal gotten a false start on my continual MIDI headache. This morning, armed with coffee and cigarettes, I summoned up my courage and installed the thing. After testing it, I started Cakewalk, and to my growing excitement, I saw a new port for XG was available for the taking. So, I played back my thus far untitled song fragment with it's snare roll. Now all along, this roll was played back as a "scratch up" patch, which is like a hip hop thing. I had actually grown used to hearing this sound on about the first and fifth beats of a 7/8 time acoustic jazz piece. Imagine how I felt, having attained this awesome prize of success, now that it sounded like the tune I'd been hearing in my head for the last twenty odd years.


Mr. Gone