Which I find surprising since the Midiman DMAN PCI card was well rated for use with Cakewalk ...

My version of Cakewalk is Home studio 7.2, my system is a Pentium II with a Celeron 333 processor, 128M of SDRAM, the recording drive is a UDMA 4.3G which I've partitioned using FAT16 for smoother playback, I've performed every imaginable system tweak to improve performance, heck, the "Echo reporter" states that my drive D can simultaneously record 2 tracks and playback 42!

Than why is the tempo so bloody erratic when playing back audio with a MIDI acompaniment? It just slows down, speeds up, slows down again grrr! The sync to audio is enabled, I don't get it!

Previous recording tests using my Sound Blaster Live! were actually better - as long as I record at 48k ... I wanted a card that performed better than the Blaster ... it's not doing that now!

I must be missing a step or a setting, which one?