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Thread: Need Help setting up Evolution MIDI controller

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    Need Help setting up Evolution MIDI controller

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    I just bought the e Evolution U-control and am trying to get it to control my softsynths and Sonar. I have followed the directions in the controller manual and searched the Help files in Sonar. It seems like everything should be set proplerly within the MIDI devices, control surfaces, and ACT settings. But I am not getting the control surface to work to adjust the parameters. The same goes for the softsynths. For example the B4 organ parameter controls do not work at all in spite of the fact that Evolution ships with a preset for the softsynth. I am having the same problem with all other softsynths, whether they are being used as stand alones or opened in Sonar. Could anyone help me set this up?
    thanks alot

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    The thing is that you can't set up the Evolution U-XX (I think mine is the U-16 something, an old one) to be a control surface AND a MIDI controller at the same time, you have to choose one.

    The control surface is fun to use and easiest to set up. Just go to Tools -> Control Surfaces and set up the midi input device to the evolution midi device.

    Then you must program the Evolution to change the parameters 7 (isn't that volume?) or 10 (pan?) for 1 to 8 or 1 to 16 channels.

    The same thing applies for soft synths. You need to find out what parameters you will change, and program the Evolution accordingly.
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