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Thread: MIDI routing assistance

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    MIDI routing assistance

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    Using Sonar Platinum.
    I made a MIDI channel and need for my Keyboard (M-Audio Keystation88) to use my Roland Sound Canvas SC-88.

    I have the Keyboard Out going into my MOTU midi express 128 (MIDI IN 4). The SoundCanvas is in the 128 (Channel 2 In and Out).

    In Sonar I have the OUTPUT (- 4-Express 128: Port 4) I do have communication because when I press a key the meters in Sonar rise. Just don't know on where to go after this.

    Thank you,

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    I suspect you figured this out already, but what I do is this:
    1) create a MIDI track for the SoundCanvas. On it's inputs you should be able to select port and channel the Keystation is transmitting to : i.e., port 4, probably channel 1. If you cannot see hte keystation as availabel you will need to enable the Midi Express ports in the preferences/Midi devices tab.
    Set the output of this track to port 2, channel 1.
    Enable input monitoring for the track.
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    When obvious things don't work with MIDI the usual culprit is just MIDI channel numbers - I have an SK-88, doesn't;t get used much Any more, and trying to use it the other day was aa pain, until I remembered that when I had lots of hardware, the Roland was set to ch6 - because when I did use it, it shared a MIDI output with another device. Check yours isn't set to a specific MIDI channel that's a bit non-normal.

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