OK this is not exculsive to Cakewalk, but...

I have been trying some experiments with MIDI fading: fading the velocity and volume of patches and tracks both (using Digital Orchestrator Pro and Cakewalk).

Here's the prob: If I fade out a part on my synth, like a drum part, it gradually fades out the way you would expect, without sounding awkward at all. But, when I try the same technique on the Alesis SR-16, the fade is more obvious and does not really fade away at the end. There is a noticable cut off, you can tell when the drum part stops.

Now, I thought it may be because of the fixed velocity setting on the SR-16, but I monkeyed with it a bit and it still reacted the same.

So I figure either: A) The SR-16 can't do what I'm trying to do, or B) I shouldn't be trying to do it this way anyway.

I know I could get the same result I want by recording the drum part for that section as a wav and fading the wav, but since I got the effect to work with the K2000, I want to get it to work with the Alesis. (Of course, I guess it could be a fluke that it works with the K2k...)

Cheers and Thanks!