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Thread: Making a MIDI file from Snare Track?

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    Making a MIDI file from Snare Track?

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    I'll confess, I'm old and don't use but about 10% of Sonar X1's functionality. When I record a band, I do my best to capture the sound of each instrument and only make minor tweaks in the room and then only minor tweaks in the box. Most of the guys I work with are pretty decent and know how to get a good sound out of their respective instruments.

    But this most recent session I recorded for my own band, the snare drum was horrible. The head was so old it really couldn't be tuned and the snare was missing about half the wires. The drummer, has been using that snare for years and "loves it's vibe." But holy cow, did it sound awful. No EQ/Compression/Expansion trick I know could come close to getting it to sounding even halfway decent.

    So I bit the bullet and figured out how to take the audio transients from that track and make a MIDI file to trigger a sampled snare in Session drummer. I found a Youtube video that got me that far.

    But here's my question, when the system puts in the audio transients, they don't all line up with the wave forms for the individual snare hits. Some are spot on, some area little ahead of the actual hits. I'm assuming that system is putting them closer to the actual beat whereas the drummer wasn't quite as "on."

    I don't even know how to search for an answer on this, thus what I assume is a pretty basic question.

    Please be gentle...

    Thanks in advance.
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    You should be able to use a drum replacement program or nudge or move by hand.
    Wow, now I feel really stupid. Thanks.

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