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Thread: Hiding and showing tracks

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    Hiding and showing tracks

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    Yesterday the mouse slipped, and suddenly all my tracks were gone except number 7. The music could still play. So I spent half an hour trying to resize panes and stuff, but no tracks could be found. Finally I resorted to the help file, and after searching for quite some time I found out hiding tracks is an option. And yes right clicking there was the option of hiding tracks, but no way to show them again. Searching a long time revealed that there was a button to display all tracks. I pressed it.

    Now hiding tracks could be useful, if you want to concentrate on the few you are working on. Great idea, I thought, until I saw the result of the display. My 49 tracks were carefully ordered into groups such as rhythm section, corresponding midi and audio tracks and you get the idea. After displaying them again my arrangement had been changed to alphabetic order, exploding the drum kit all over the place and leaving the rest of the band in a mess ... aaarghhh.

    So I tried the hide and seek game again for fun with another file, but this time things turned up where expected.

    I don't know if I accidentally sorted the tracks too. The Sonar manual has nothing about this. The word "hide" is not even in the index.

    Has anyone got experience using this feature?

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    Easiest way to negotiate this is to type "m" on the keyboard. This brings up the track manager which has checkboxes for which tracks to display and which not to display.

    Personally I don't use this much, except for archived tracks, but then I normally only work with 20 tracks or less (not counting archived tracks).

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