I didn't have much luck recording to Cakewalk pro 8.0, so I tried to sequence on my Yamaha sy77, connected to a Kurzweil pc88mx, midi thru to an Alesis sr26 drum machine. (I hope to use the Cakewalk mixing console to be better able to control the individual voice volumes, etc)
To get the kurzweil to respond to the sequencer, I have to run midi out from the Yamaha to the Kurz midi in. From there I can run from the Kurz midi out to the SR16 in.

To connect the Yamaha up to Cakewalk, I need to connect both midi out and in of the Yamaha to the computer out and in.
Could I connect the Yamaha out via a midi thru box and have it go to both the Kurz and the computer? What do you think my chances are??