I've got Cakewalk Home Studio 9, a Yamaha PSR-540, an Athlon PC (P3 equivalent) and a classical guitar. I'm wondering if any of you folks would care to share knowledge about using CW and a PSR, in particular.

I'm quite new to this stuff, and I'm stuck trying to make Cakewalk play nicely with XG. Other than that, I've recorded a little with the PSR and my classical guitar with a contact mic. I'm running it through SB Live! Platinum, which is a really cool sound card interface combo.

I must say, I got into the game pretty cheaply, I believe. All this stuff cost me less than $2500. I came into a small insurance settlement from the bastards who put me out of work, rear ending me in my car and busting up my back... er, pardon me, I've digressed.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone who'd care to write.