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Thread: Cakewalk Home Studio 2004

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    Angry Cakewalk Home Studio 2004

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    Yes I know it's am old piece of software but up until 15 minutes ago was working perfectly. This is the problem - I record guitar using a POD 2.0 through a Phonic MM1002a mixing desk and then into my PC using an M Audio sound card. I open up a project hit the space bar and it plays through my stereo; great. However when I click R on a track in readiness to play something, no sound comes out but the signal is getting through. If i record still no sound but it does record and I can hear what I've just played on playback. This is very frustrating. Any ideas?

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    That seems to be a complicated setup. When you say M-Audio sound card, like a PCI card?
    Wow, now I feel really stupid. Thanks.

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    If I understand correctly, you can hear what you've recorded, but not what you are recording. However, what you are recording gets recorded ok. Furthermore, this is a relatively recent thing . . . you had been able to hear what you recorded and what you are recording ok before.

    It's possible that you have inadvertently disabled input monitoring. You should be able to access the card's software to fix this.

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    I have a similar setup, Cakewalk 9 and Music Creator 2002 and a Delta Audiophile card. Had the same problem. I reinstalled the drivers, and had to select Monitor Mixer in the Delta setup. Also, CWMC is basically useless. I have to use Cakewalk 9, but GUI in music creator is a bit more intuitive for me... Different software also doesn't work right with my setup. Cakewalk and Reaper fine, Music Creator and AUdacity not.

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