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    can someone explain to me the uses of the aux busses in cakewalk.what does it do for you?? I know it has something to do with rerouting a track,but why do you want to do that??
    please educate me!!!!

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    Hi Dave, I don't use them much personally but I may be able to shine some light on the subject. The main purpose is to be able to send a variety of input channel material
    (audio from your inputs) to an external device or just create an extra mix.

    In the "external device" category you could send signals from (say) channel 1 and
    channel 2 to an aux channel and have that aux channel mix sent to the output of a
    second sound card (or your only sound card if you are not currently using its output for
    monitoring). In this situation you can then run that aux mix through external gear
    such as effects and then return through an available input channel via your sound card's input. Incidentally, you might use this process to create a great monitor or
    headphone mix that is totally seperate from your main mix.

    For the "extra mix" you may want to route the aux mix somewhere within the computer but you only want certain elements of the main mix. The aux mix
    allows you to do this.

    I hope that was somewhat helpful. I'm sure others on this BBS can add to it.
    That's kind of a quick view of what I've used it for and what I've heard others
    using it for. Oh, the monitoring thing works fairly well from what I've been
    told. As soon as I can get the time, I'm gonna try it on my system.

    For now, good luck...pete o

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