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Thread: An already registerd version of sonar 8.5

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    An already registerd version of sonar 8.5

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    Firstly a big hello to all members both old and new.

    Please can someone help with the answer to the following question.

    I brought a registerd version of Sonar 8 with a working serial No and reg No which all works fine. There is also an update to 8.5 which has the serial No but no registration number.

    I have installed the update and all works fine but it keeps asking for the reg code which i do not have when opening sonar 8.5

    When i first open sonar 8.5 a dialog box opens with the following message

    1 Register on line ( no internet is available on this computer )
    2 Enter the reg code ( which i dont have )

    There is an astrix note which says if you dont have acess to the web click more info
    Once you click on more info a dialog box opens from the read me notes with the following options

    1 register now
    2 remind me later
    3 dont ask me again ( this option closes the dialog box permently )

    I would like to use option 3 but this is not available for me to do as the opening dialog box never gives you that option ?

    The dialog box also says you have 30 days to register but how can register if its already been registerd
    What happens after the 30 day period if you do not have the reg code and why can i not use the dont ask me again option or can you only use that after the 30 days have finished.

    all i wanted was a working version of 8.5

    Please could someone give some advise on how to over come this problem

    many thanks

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    If it's kosher software, contact Sonar and ask them. If it's not kosher. well ...

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    Hi To All

    Thanks for the reply

    Please can someone tell me if you are still able to get the following

    1 Sonar 8 as in the disc not a download
    2 Upgrade to V8.5

    Please can someone also tell me

    1 which is the last version of sonar which has V Vocals or do all the newer versions still have it ?
    2 what version of sonar came out after V8.5

    Not sure if im allowed to ask this but does any member have a old version of V8 with the V8.5 update which they may be willing to sell
    or just the V8.5 registered version they no longer use due to them upgrading to a newer versions of sonar


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    Download the Free "Cakewalk by Bandlab" (if you have a 64 bit system) and you'll jump Past the last version Sonar ever made .. mark

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