I am trying to transfer tracks that I recorded on my computer using Logic Audio 5, but I don't have an external sync source. According to the 828 manual, I can sync the the software and the ADAT via the 828 if I use the ADAT as the master without a separate timecode source, but for all my fiddling, I can't get the software to start playing when I press the ADAT "play/record" buttons. I've read that the software can only do that if it fully supports ASIO 2, but I can't find any mention of that in the Logic Audio material, just ASIO references. I would also like the tracks to come in via the ADAT optical (lightpipe) source, but the ADAT isn't showing any signs of seeing incoming signal on any track.

I have the optical and ADAT sync cables hooked up proerly (I think) between the 828 and the ADAT, and the firewire cable from the 828 to my computer. There are signs of communication between the pieces of hardware, such as the "locked" light on the ADAT coming on (in spite of no apparent lock betweent he software and the ADAT). I have checked for consistency of sample rate/clock speed, sync source (in Logic), and a few other things, all to no avail. Any ideas?