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Thread: Quick Guide to Alesis SR-16 pattern recording

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    Quick Guide to Alesis SR-16 pattern recording

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    Every year or so, when I pull out the SR-16, I have to re-learn how to record a simple pattern. This time, I wrote it down. This shows a quick path down the decision tree to record, edit, and delete a basic pattern.

    James B


    link to gdoc
    alesis sr-16 basics - Google Slides
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    Good goin'. Need cheat sheets on about 20 other less used items. I think my sampler Manual is 273 pages, or, something

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    I had the same issue, so I made a cheat sheet:
    Alesis SR-16 Compose New User Pattern. (3/4 Waltz Beat Example)
    Steps to program a waltz 1-2-3 pattern, example: two measures of time: 1-2-3, 1-2-3 which repeats.
    1. Select Pattern. 2. User 3. Compose
    4. Use up/down buttons to select Empty Pattern on display
    5. Select A / B / fill (A fill or B fill if composing a fill pattern)
    6. Select Drumset (I used preset 5 with boomy reverb bass)
    7. Select Record Setup and enter following page info:
    • Page 1 on display “Quantize” (use page up/ page down) Select Quantize note to snap your sounds to. (ex: 1/8 note)
    • Page 2 Swing 58% is ok. Page 3 “Click” note OK for metronome. Page 4 & 5 ok as is
    • Page 6 set “Beat Length” to 3 or 6 for Waltz (3/4) timing. (I used 6 for two measures of notes: 1-2-3 1-2-3 , pattern repeats) Press Play to lock in your time signature
    • Page 10 Name your Beat: Press up/down to select character, and page up to move to next character. Press Play.
    8. Press Record Setup again and you will hear clicks. You can start to record your pattern. To do over hold erase and drum pad to erase for entire measure.
    Be sure to set the tempo slower than you will be using it (for playing the pads), then play on the pads and record the pattern with the internal metronome going. Suggest record the hihat part first. Then add the bass drum on beat 1 by listening to the metronome, and so on, until the part is built.
    Copy Pattern: In Pattern mode (Perform Mode) select Pattern (either A/B/ or Fill) you want to copy. Hold down Copy. Keep holding Copy, select an empty User Pattern # (up/down arrows) to place the copy to. While still holding Copy button down, press Play. Display should say “Copy Done”. Release both buttons.
    Hints- On Quantize Select', hit the up or down arrow until you see a little 3 (triplets) by the quantize note value. It can be set to quarter notes, eighth notes or sixteen, whichever you want, just make sure you see that little 3. Quantize will snap to the nearest triplet beat. Or, you can also set for No Quantize.
    You must be in the compose mode to hear the metronome click. (note: click is not recorded)

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