I have a MultiMix 8 USB FX model mixer that I purchased used a few months ago. Overall it works fine, but I'm having an issue when I use the guitar input on channel 2. It does boost the input level appropriately and I get a strong signal over USB hitting my Mac and Garageband. I'm using the amp sims in Garageband.

The problem is that the guitar sounds like it has a wet blanket over it. Actually it sounds like it has a hundred wet blankets over it. The only way that I can get a halfway decent sound going into the Mac is to boost the highs and mids and cut the bass almost completely.

I A/B'd my exact setup and just switched the guitar to route into the Mac using my Presonus Audiobox2 which also has a guitar-level input and it sounded a thousand percent better than the Multimix.

I'd prefer to use the Multimix since the reason the I bought it was so that I can have everything I need to record plugged in and ready rather than having to re-patch instruments whenever I change from keys to guitar or whatever.

So what I'd like to know is whether this is just an issue with my unit or whether other multimxix owners have experienced the same issues.