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Thread: HD24 Software update fixes recognition of files??

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    HD24 Software update fixes recognition of files??

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    Cut'n Paste from Alesis release notes..
    Bug fixes:
    1. Fixed bug where certain drives (such as the IBM Deskstar) would occasionally fail
    reset when the drive had been powered off for a while.
    2. Fixed FTP session to accept WAV-extended files for file transfer (such as files saved in Nuendo)
    3. Fixed MMC bug where arming tracks 17-24 from certain devices (such as FreeMIDI
    and DM24) would not properly arm the HD24 track.
    4. Fixed bug where removing the optical clock in 96kHz mode would produce an invalid
    sample rate on the internal clock.

    I'll check it out at once.

    EDIT ------------
    It still doesn't work with the 'header' in WaveLab...
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