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Thread: HD24 is and drives

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    HD24 is and drives

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    I recently brought my hd24 in from the garage and connected it to my behringer x32 rack via light pipes the ad at card. Works well. So I have 2 questions. Does anyone know the difference between is 1.20 and 1.21. Curious because mine is on 1.20 and I am wondering if I should spend time cashing 1.21 since there isn't much info on the HD24 out there anymore.
    Question 2 I have 4 HD caddies and can't find the list of compatible hard drives anywhere. So I am looking for info on what hard drives I should look for. I understand that se abate have been noted as the most reliable, but don't know what models and sizes to look for. Thanks in advance for any information anyone feels like sharing.

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    It's been a while ..Goggle helps.
    I never paid attention to what rev I had (have'.. still back there somewhere :>)
    IDE drives ..although I recall in the 'HD24 user group they had figured out how to adapt it to newer drives. I still have several drives, standard Western Digis.. (used the same or similar IDE caddies in my DAWs for a long time. abate drives?
    There's lots of infp out there.
    You grabbed the manual presumably?

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