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Thread: Alesis SR-16 Drum Computer losing kick, snare & toms while performing.

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    Alesis SR-16 Drum Computer losing kick, snare & toms while performing.

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    My SR-16 has been working perfectly until the last 3 gigs. (Info, most my SR-16 songs have my user generated patterns.)
    During the last 3 gigs, after a perfect start, the SR-16 loses the kick drum, snare drum & all of the toms.
    What is left are only the high end sounds, cymbals etc.
    This problem is intermittent & comes & goes. It is not song specific, or pattern specific.
    I cannot supply any more information as to when this problem occurs.
    I have changed all the cables & the footswitch, but to no effect.
    The only thing that I cannot change is the transformer.
    The next day, after all 3 gigs, I have tested the SR-16 at home, no problems.

    Have any of you heard of a problem like this before? Would love to hear your views / answers.

    Thank you in advance.

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    All you can do is reinitialize the unit(power it on while holding down ERASE and PLAY for 3 seconds). That will of course blow out the user memory, so you would have to re-program. It doesn't sound like the power supply, bad power supplies are usually not intermittent. Make sure the midi going into the unit is clean, no sysex or controller info that the SR-16 doesn't need to see. if the reinit doesn't work, it's probably a repair issue, maybe a leaky cap or something similar. Good Luck.

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    Just today I experienced something that completely baffles me, and it's similar to what you have going on. I've been working on a friend's song for about a week now, adding drums to his vocal and rhythm guitar stereo track. I had been trying to use a couple different preset patterns on the SR-16 and various preset fills, and things were getting kind of boring and frustrating. So, I started running thru some of my old user patterns and found one that fit quite nicely. In the process, however, I noticed a handful of user patterns with "toms" that presented "no sound" when pressed on the fly; but, here's the weird part--Cubase meters reacted as if there was a signal present. I couldn't hear anything, but the meter responded as if their was a nice strong signal present. Electrons are strange critters.

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