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    Question Alesis SR18

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    Hi, Thanks in advance.... I am having a little trouble programing the bass.... in the key of G..... a 12 bar shuffle with an early 4 and the turnaround into my SR18... the manual is a little lacking for a newbe.... jim

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    My Alesis SR 18 wont allow me to change the bass transpose

    I have followed the manual to change octave on the bass pattern. However , it will not change the value, moreover the range using the page up or dial, only goes between -1, 0, +1
    I tried a reset and still no impact on this error.

    Any advise?

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    Wish I could help. On my SR18, the only setting for the bass that I use it OFF.

    Maybe I'll see if I can get mine to change and report back

    ..................later that same day...............

    OK, what you want isn't transpose, but TUNING!

    Press the drum Set button, and you should be at page 1. Hit the INC button until you get to page 6. The screen should say tuning. Now you can go up or down as many notes as you want and it will tune the bass that way. I went up or down 10 notes with no problem. You can tune while the pattern is playing.

    Hope this makes sense.
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