My first post, sorry it’s long-winded!

Our band uses a session of Live 9, using scenes for each song to launch backing tracks, click, cue, video, MIDI, and DMX. All that usually works fine, but I have a strange problem:

Our Live session was originally set up by an Ableton guru, who did much more complex wizardry than I know how to fix.

We start our show with “walk-on” music, which is “attached” to three different song (scenes) that we choose from for our opener. The walk-on music comes through our Sapphire Pro40 interface on channels 1 and 2, which are the same channels that our backing tracks are routed to from Ableton. The walk-on music must somehow be being triggered from Core Audio, because it doesn’t meter anywhere in our Live session, as if it’s playing from nowhere. I assume the Pro40 must also be somehow configured to receive Core Audio, because if I use any OTHER interface the walk-on music only plays out of the MacBook’s internal speakers, as if the interface isn’t “seeing” it. Plus, if I just listen from the Mac’s headphone jack, the walk-on music sounds great, but through the Pro40 it sounds as if the the wrong sample rate is being used (slightly static-y and phase-y), which makes our big entrance less cool lol.

I’d like to disable whatever link is making the walk-on music file play out of Core. Then I could simply add it into our Live session as a .wav file (that part I KNOW how to do lol) at the front of the show. Anybody know what to look for as far as how this would have been set up, and also how to disable it?