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Thread: Importing Pre-made MIDI Files?

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    Importing Pre-made MIDI Files?

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    Imported some Ghosthack Audio loops into Live 9 (IOS) this week and no problem. Just tried to import a "MIDI Loop" from the same company. The file appears on the track, but I'm not hearing audio. I'm assuming I'm doing something painfully basic wrong here.

    I can see the MIDI "notes" on the track, but that is all.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may have!
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    Midi is simply a set of instructions saying which to note to play, when and for how long.

    It needs something to generate the sound. This is usually achieved in a couple of ways. One is by loading a virtual instrument onto the track that has the midi, and getting the midi to play that. Another way is to send the midi to an external sound module via a midi interface (or an audio interface with midi in and out on it).

    If you are on a PC, you may be able to direct the midi output to the MS Wavetable.

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    As Gekko said. You have instruments in Ableton. Add a synth or if it is drum VTSi on that track and you are set.
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