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Thread: Focusrite 8i18 and Ableton questions.

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    Focusrite 8i18 and Ableton questions.

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    I have absolutely no experience in Audio Interfaces or DAWs.

    I am looking for a USB Audio Interface with 4 preamp inputs (2 guitars, 2 mics) and zeroed down to the Steinberg UR44 and Focusrite 8i18 (no I am not trolling nor do I intend to).

    I am using a Windows 10 PC (i7 8GB RAM). I have heard that Audio Interfaces often have driver issues with Windows. How stable is the Focusrite and Abelton in Windows?

    How would Ableton Live Lite compare with Cubase AI (sold along with the UR44)? Anyone used both?

    Thank you


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    As I mostly use my Macbook nowadays I don't know about the drivers in Windows today but every audio interface I used before had no problem in Windows.

    For me Ableton is a better program than Cubase, easier to work with, more possibilities etc. But that's really subjective. Try Cubase if it's free and see if you like it. Ableton Live Lite is also limited with only 16 tracks (I think).

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