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Thread: Click track and audio track

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    Click track and audio track

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    I am totally new with Ableton so forgive me for maybe a strange question.

    I looked a lot of tutorials on Youtube, but there is a thing that doesn't work with me. In Ableton I make a scene of 120bpm and make a click track. Perfect!
    Then I make a audio track and import a WAV-file of 8 bars. When I play the scene the click track goes perfect with the audio over 2 bars but then starts to be separated. So the click track goes a little bit faster then the audio track.

    How can I solve this problem. When I change the BPM, it goes for both tracks. I just can't manage the click track to be in sync with the audio track.

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    I'm not an Ableton user, but why aren't you simply recording in Ableton, i.e., playing along to the click? Then you know the track will align.

    It sounds like you are recording on a separate device or with different software? Are you sure the project sample rates are the same?
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