I made a discovery not too long ago that I wanted to share with everyone. If you setup your MIDI controller in Ableton Live for instant mapping, but don't actually map all 8 macros in Live, then the first unmapped CC becomes a universal controller that will control any parameter of any plugin. To make it work, you simply have to click on the on-screen parameter with the mouse and then use your MIDI controller to control that parameter. You may be asking, why not just use the mouse to control the parameter if you already have to click on it? You can do that, but it's so much cooler to turn the on-screen knob with a real knob controller than dragging the mouse! One hand on the mouse and one hand on the controller. I haven't gotten it to work with actual Live controls (i.e. pan, volume, etc..) although I already have templates for those controls.

Peace \/

P.S. I just realized that this is my first post in six years of being a member. I was so excited about this discovery, I had to share!