Hello everyone,

did someone get this combo to work? i have the following problems:

1. in the "Akai Professional Network MIDI Control Panel" the buttons have no text (i know what they do though), also the window itself has no title.

2. my Force is found by the Control Panel (with S/N and IP) and i can select it, if i click on the dopdown menu again it jumps back to "No Configured Device", when i close the Control Panel and re-open it, it defaults to "No Configured Device". So after i select my Force i just leave the Control panel open.

3. in Ableton in the Link/MIDI Settings i can select Akai Force MPC but can't select "Akai Network - DAW Control" as input/output

4. in the same Tab under MIDI Ports i can enable "Akai Force MPC Input" but "Akai Force MPC Output" doesn't exist

strange behaviour, any ideas how i can get this to work?