Hello all, new Ableton user here. I'd need help with something that is probably really simple, but that for the life of me I can't figure out.

Basically, the situation is as follows: I'd like to have a single session, with a few different tracks one after another in Arrangement view, each one having a different tempo map (with tempo changes, accelerandos etc), that I can trigger and mix from the Session view (I guess), crossfading between them and having the click following along.

So far what happens, though, is that when I am in Session view, I start one of the tracks, the track starts with the correct click/tempo, but if then I switch to a different clip, the click stays at the same tempo and same point in Arrangement view as the point where it got to, it keeps on going from where it was - so then everything gets out of synch.

I'm wondering if there's a way to "link" the arrangement and session view clips, so that when I trigger one in one of the views, the respective ("same") clip in the other view gets triggered as well, so they stay in synch.

Hope my explanation is clear Thanks for your help!