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Thread: Ableton/M-audio interface

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    Ableton/M-audio interface

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    Hello , does anyone know which m-audio interfaces came bundled with Ableton in the last few years ? Trying to help a friend with an authorization code. Thanks ... mark

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    The Ableton bundle that they use for any interface is pretty useless. Just enough to get you hooked. Unless you are really going to use Ableton and its full features, I would suggest to start out with a more traditional DAW. I think Ableton is awesome, and I use it. But I rarely use its grid style recording/mixing and use the traditional linear mode.
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    Hey Mark, do a search for M-Audio MTRACK II - Portable USB Audio Interface.
    I think the newer M-Audio interfaces went with Pro-tools first over ableton.

    Also, I think it comes bundled with a couple of Waves plugins so that is cool.

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