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Thread: Ableton latency

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    Ableton latency

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    he buffer size is fine and everything. its just that when my CPU goes to like 15% Ableton decides to add a track latency which affect me when Im recording as its hard to stay in time when there is a second delay. strange. I fixed it by changing the track delay (no I don't mean the effect... those who know what I'm talking about will know.) and that solved it but I'm trying to pre empt the problem instead of having to solve it every time I start a new session... really annoying. so if anyone knows how to make it stop delaying like this when I record please let me know. I'm working with an Apollo x6 universal audio thunderbolt - Mac - and Ableton 10. all the best.

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    Other than making sure your interface is using ISO and keeping it low, the delay compensation you just have to remember to turn it off.
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