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Thread: Ableton Clip Launcher

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    Ableton Clip Launcher

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    Hey guys. I developed this device and decided to share it as a way to introduce myself to this community. Here's what it does. Say I've got a SPDX, or some kind of midi controller that just puts out a fixed set of midi messages (C1-C2 or something). I want to use this device for an entire set of music, and use another midi controller or keyboard to switch songs. Typically, I would do this with chains, where each chain would have a different drum rack containing all the sounds I want for a different song. This is great, but if I want some of those sounds to loop, or have follow actions, or any of that cool shit that ableton clips do, I'm SOL.

    This devices solves that problem by mapping a fixed set of midi notes to Ableton clips. Each chain can have a unique clip slot that it triggers. This means that you can send a note (say C1) and it will trigger clip slot 0, then change chains, send C1, and then trigger clips slot 1. Yay! Song changed & you can use clips

    Hopefully you guys find this useful! I've been working on some pretty dope M4L stuff and also some pretty useful hardware, so stay tuned for more. Attached is the .zip file for the launcher.

    clip launcher screengrab.jpg.JPG
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