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Hello i am a newbie and New to all of this. I bought a new R16 about a month ago,, it is fine and i am finding my way around it.
Yesterday i set it up. i have a small vocal recording on another computer that i connected to it, when i play it on the computer it is fine, normal but when i play it through the zoom it plays back double tracked ?? i can here my vocal and a higher vocal behind it... and so is anything else i play through it. i want to record it, but not like that. Music is fine through it .
has any one else recorded a vocal only track and played it back through the zoon to record it. Thank you.
I'm confused here. Are you coming out of the DAW into a line input of the R16 and trying to record? I can't see any reason it would change pitch, but it's possible you're getting some type of routing issue that is causing a doubling. I've never experienced that with my R24, and I've run line sources into it from a drum machine and mixers.

The better path would be to import the audio track directly into the R16 project. See page 74 of the user manual for specifics. It needs to be at 44.1K and I think you need the same bit rate that you've used for the original project settings.
Hello and thank you for you reply. No it was not coming out of a DAW it was coming direct from my pc in to the R16 and when played through my mixer it sounded like that. When played directly in into the mixer it was ok. same with my laptop, i tried that to. will try again in morning and see if i can fathom it out. Thank you so very much.
Camchain, how are you going direct from the PC into the R16? You have some type of interface, I assume. Can you describe the setup more precisely? You mention a mixer... What type and how is it tied into this system? How are you monitoring the sound? You should be able to listen to the Zoom via headphone outputs.

If you Record the vocal track on the Zoom and then play it back without the PC input does it sound doubled?

There is no inherent reason that I can see as to why it would be doing this, unless you were getting a feedback loop and the delay could be from system latency.
Hello again. Really Appreciate this. Ok PC or Laptop. I go directly from the headphone socket 3.5 jack, to a 6.5 jack's into the zoom.
My Mixer is a Behringer Xenyx 2222usb, new in march.
The Zoom is goes through the mixer on a spare aux channel and when i want to record something on the zoom, i put everything i need through that, monitor through headphones or directly through the mixer. if it's headphones, then they are straight out of the zoom, so i hear what is going in.
I haven't recorded that small vocal on the zoom, but i want to. I know it's not much but it's mine20220816_130652[1].jpg
I would try disconnecting the Zoom from the mixer entirely, run your PC out to the Zoom and do a recording. See if it doubles. I think you might be getting a loop back through the mixer to the Zoom if you have it connected with both an input and output.

The ONLY other place that I could see doubling would be if you have an effect enabled in the Zoom, but that should be apparent.
Why can't you use the Zoom as the soundcard through USB?
That will work. The Zoom is designed to be an ASIO interface as well. However, I don't know how the latency is, I've never tested mine. I just record on the SD card and pull that for dumping into my PC. Latency when recording within the Zoom is zilch.
Thank you very much for the help. i am going to try that and do some investigating this morning. Will report back.
Sorry but new to all this
Hi Well i had a go this morning using your suggestion and it worked. use it as a stand alone unit. Thank you for all your help, i know sometimes the simplest things are hard
But again, i really appreciate all the help from you both.20220914_122613[1].jpg20220914_122620[1].jpg